Finch's Boutique + On Solid Ground Vintage =
a Holiday Shopping Collaboration featuring local artists, designers, and fabulous vintage finds.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's in store from eleven56!

eleven56 has come up with some sweet new stationery, cards, and tees for you this holiday season. Get 'em fast - they're sure to fly right out of the boutique!!

This is Boutique #2 for eleven56.

What's in store from Jason Berke!!

Jason Berke - I mean Dr. Von Berke - has concocted some amazing soaps! So many different, yummy scents to choose from!

This is Jason's very first Boutique.

What's in store from Michal Wright-Ward!!

Whoa! Michal has been working on some really great stuff for the boutique! Check it out below AND on December 13th and 14th!

cute gold fish totes!

fun fleece scarves!

plush ornaments sets!

and Raccoon Plushies!!!

This is Michal's very first Boutique.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's in store from Vân Tran!

Vân Tran has been working on some super card packs - take a look!

This is Van's 4th boutique!

Feature in Minnesota Monthly Magazine!!

We are so excited to be featured in Minnesota Monthly Magazine's most recent issue!! Along with many other really great local, shopping events, we've been listed as a really cool and unique event for holiday shopping! Cool!
Thanks Minn. Monthly Mag. for the great article and photos!! The article can be found online as well: here.
photo of Sarah Nassif of Rectangle Designs really great printed tee.

photos of a printed tee by Too Many Suitors,
and a whole pile of "stuffed friends" by Elisa Brynteson
left: photo of cards by Vân Tran.
right: our fancy little article with shout outs to Elisa Brynteson, Vân Tran, Sarah Miller, Sarah Nassif, and to Finch!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's in store from Kevin McBride!!

Kevin McBride's latest creations smell and taste wonderful! Scented, layered candles perfect for any room in the house - and Gourmet Cocoa Mixes to keep warm on cold, snowy, winter days!

Apple-Cinnamon Candles in a variety of sizes.
Green layers = Apple
Red layers = Cinnamon

Lavender-Vanilla Candles in several sizes
Lavender layers = guess......yes, Lavender
White layers = Vanilla

Cocoa Mix Cones - Serves 2
With Marshmallows and Chocolate or White Chocolate Chips.


This is Kevin's first Boutique.

What's in store from Anna Zahler!

One of our newest Boutique Artists, Anna Zahler, has made a ton of great tile creations for 2008!
Cute 1.75" square tile magnets
- birds, mushrooms, ladybugs and then some...
Fancy 4" x 4" tile Coasters - in sets of 4
long tile candle holder

This is Anna's first Boutique.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boutique Invite is out!

We have published our 2008 Holiday boutique Invite
Chances are you'll be receiving one real soon!

Please note that more designers have been added to the list since this invite was created/posted...