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Thursday, September 15, 2011

20...30...40! And still growing!

Wow! What a great response from artists, designers, and crafters who want to make fabulous items for this year's Finch's Holiday Boutique! We just hit my goal of 40 participants, and we're still growing!
  We are SO pleased to have lined up Finch's Boutique veterans* like:  Jason Berke, Bonnie Brynteson, Anna Zahler, Amber Engfer, Honey Lane, Abby Hyslop, Kimpossiby Kute, Kay Sabin, Kara Kopp, Scott Meyer, Too Many Suitors, Kevin McBride, Sara Plath, Allyson Jean Design, Tamara Sherrill, Me - Elisa, and Vân Monnier who is now coming to us from Denmark! Our first international artist!!
And we are SO excited to welcome a really great crew of boutique-first-timers!* Such as... Avacado Jezibel, Teresa Audet Furniture, Marissa Bridges, Carrier Pigeon Jewelry, Colette Paperie, Nicole Currier, Kelly Herzog, Happy Go Lucky Creations, Karin Knudson, Enchanted Houses, Julie Meyer, Dominique Mueller,  My Little Dear, Sarah Platner, Ohh Me Oh My, Old Tom Foolery, Sara Plath, Penguin & Fish, Jenny Sohn, Janelle, Alyssa Nassner, JanelleTorrence, Tra La La Trends, Say LULLOW Creative, Lindsay Carrier, Bright Sun Candles, TJ Brecht Originals and Carla Zidaevich.... Whew. 

Perhaps we can make it to an even 50? I'm never done....

Want to see YOUR name on this list? contact us by Sept. 30th - see the "Want to Sell?" tab for all the deets.

This year's boutique is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever! Mark your calendars!... or if you don't HAVE a calendar, you can surely purchase a lovely one at the boutique. See how that works?

*Disclaimer: being a "boutique veteran" does not necessarily make you cooler than "boutique-first-timers". Sorry. Just saying...