Finch's Boutique + On Solid Ground Vintage =
a Holiday Shopping Collaboration featuring local artists, designers, and fabulous vintage finds.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday 2008 boutique = All Wrapped Up!!

Well, we keep getting bigger and better every year!! We beat ALL of our last year's numbers and # of visitors by miles! (for reference: last year about 70 people came to visit on the Sat. of the Boutique, and this year 130 visitors came through the Boutique on Sat!
  Thank you to all of our Designer and Artist Participants for sharing your creations with us as well as your donations to the American Cancer Society. Especially to Andrew Schiff, our amazing baker, who is donating ALL of his proceeds to our cause. Wow! Thanks!
 And thank you to all of our visitors - your support means a ton and we were so pleased to have helped you cross things off your holiday shopping lists!
  Special thanks to Bonnie Brynteson for being the #1 biggest-helper-of-all-time - with set-up and planning as well as emotional support. + Special Thanks to Doris Mae Lentner for her lovely cookies and brownies, and to the Boutique "Helpers" who volunteered to take a "shift" during the sale - Kara Phillips, Anna Zahler, Kristy Simmons and Kevin McBride (well...I volunteered him anyway...)
  + Thank you Finch for putting up with all of the people in your house, and losing the use of your comfy couch for a few days... you're a good well as the cutest pup of all time...

Thanks Everyone for a successful Boutique!! Best wishes this Holiday Season and Happy New Year!